How To Get Over A Broken Heart

Are you heartbroken? Trying to figure out how you’re going to get through another day? Wonder no more!  How would you like to move beyond the heartache and pain of ending a relationship – sooner rather than later? Susan’s popular book, There Is Life After What’s-His-Name is helping people around the world pick up the pieces of their life and move on to a having a great life!

“Just because your relationship is over, doesn’t mean your life is over!” -Susan Russo

Imagine if you woke up everyday looking forward to your day instead of dreading what’s to come. What a way to start the day! You too can begin your days the same way and live your life on purpose by deliberately creating what ever it is you want.

And, how can you do this?…..By discovering the principles and tools that will empower you to overcome limiting behaviors, by learning to redirect powerful thoughts and by changing the mindset that is keeping you stuck?

Are ready to make 2012 your best year ever? Then it’s time to take action. It’s time to let go of what is holding you back and decide to bridge that gap from where you are to where you want to be!  What are you waiting for?  If you’re ready… Welcome to Personal Coaching with Susan!

“Life may throw you curve balls but that doesn’t mean you can’t win the game.”
- Susan Russo


Susan is the author of: There Is Life After What’s-His-Name and The 7 Keys to Unlock the Power Within You, and co-author of Success and Happiness-16 Experts Reveal Their Secrets. She is fast becoming known as the “miracle worker” in transforming people’s lives. Susan has the ability to turn negative circumstances into life changing opportunities!

There Is Life After What’s-His-Name

There is Life After Whats His NameThis book is your guide and wake-up call in walking yourself out of the misery and pain that goes along with ending a relationship!

There Is Life After What’s-His-Name is the beginning of a journey for regaining your self worth, taking back your power and recognizing that you have every right to seek what you deserve.

More importantly, this book will help you arrive at the understanding that you really can let go of the past and move on to create an incredible life beyond your relationship!

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The 7 Keys To Unlock The Power Within You

7Keys To Unlock the Power Within YouDiscover the secrets of how to turn your dreams into reality and tap into the power that already exists within you. Now you can learn the “essential keys” to unlock that power for improving your life, your relationships and fulfilling your dreams.

As you begin your journey on living your life on purpose you will learn about the creative power of your words and thoughts and how to use them to your advantage in creating the life you only once dreamed of before!

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“Consciously directing your thoughts make dreams come true!”
- Susan Russo

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