Life Choices


Nov 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

(First let me give a big shout out to all of you beautiful people who responded to my questions. I am working on a new project and all of the input is a great help! THANK YOU! I appreciate it!) Okay people, start your engines! It’s the morning and you are ready to get your day started. What is the first thing you do? If you’re like most people you don’t even think about it. Whatever you do is such a routine that you could do it in your sleep and probably some of you are actually sleep walking doing it....

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Sep 2015

Stop Saying That!

I could give you a thousand examples of what I hear people saying over and over again that gets them in trouble and keeps them stuck in the cycle of going nowhere fast. I bet if you took a day to listen to what people say about themselves or their life, you wouldn’t be so surprised to see how their life corresponds with their words. No matter what they are experiencing in life a lot of it has to do with what they keep saying to themselves. Whether you are happy or sad – Lonely or content – Fit or fat- Motivated or lazy – In debt...

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Sep 2015

What’s The Hardest Thing To Do?

Ah, the innocence of a child. All you have to do is watch a child play. They run, skip, sing, explore, discover and believe that dreams do come true. Their imaginations allow them to become whoever they want, whenever they want and they revel in the fun of experiencing their pretend roles. You can’t tell them that they aren’t a fireman or nurse or super hero. They’d look at you like you’re crazy. Of course they are the king or queen of their kingdom. And then, they grow up! All of the dreams of living happily ever after are slowly...

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Jul 2015

What Do You Want?

What do you want? This is one of those questions that elicits some vague memory of past dreams that never came true. Typical answers range anywhere from; I want to win the lottery, be happy, find my life’s partner, have a house on the beach, quit my job, lose weight, all the way to – I don’t really know what I want anymore. And, that last response is closest to the truth than any of the other answers. Most people simply don’t know what they want. Even if they do know what they really, really want – 97% of them won’t...

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Jun 2015

Let It Go

 How many times in your life have you experienced adversity in some form or fashion? Whether it be heartache from a broken relationship, betrayal, loss of a job, didn’t get the home you wanted, your best friend lied to you, sickness, debt, or anything that makes you feel bad and you can’t stop thinking about it. You go over and over it in your mind. How it happened. Why it happened. What they said to you. What you said to them. What you wish you would have said instead. How you can change things. If you can change things. If...

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Nov 2013

Are You Right or Wrong?

Most people think they’re right and they’re wrong. And, a lot of people think there’s something wrong with them and they’re right. Okay, let me explain. I’ve had a barrage of “wrong thinkers” telling me their stories lately. They come to me with all of the details about what is going on. They are convinced it’s all true and they’re trying to convince me to buy into it. The thing is they aren’t aware that it’s not true and they also don’t feel like they are trying to convince anyone…they believe they are simply stating the facts. Period. This is...

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Aug 2013

What Are You Focused On?

What do you spend most of your time thinking about? If you work, obviously a lot of your day is focused on what you’re doing. But what I want to know is what is it that you find yourself talking about and thinking about more than anything else? If you’re goal oriented you more than likely find your thoughts consumed with milestones, deadlines and accomplishments completed, etc. If you have children much of your time is spent focused on all that goes along with being a parent. But when all those things are taken care of and in between these...

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Jul 2013

Living With Regrets?

If you’re alive you have experienced feelings of regret. We all have things we’ve done or said that we wish we hadn’t; we wish we could take things back, do things over or perhaps we wish we had reacted in a better way. We’ve all made choices that we wish we could go back and undo. And, we realize that if we had made different choices; our lives would’ve turned out differently. If only, woulda-shoulda-coulda is not that way to live your life. Unfortunately, if not put in check we can get caught up in these wrong choices. We go...

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Jun 2013

You Already Have the Key

As you can imagine in my business I hear a lot of stories about situations in people’s lives where they are stuck and feel like there is no way out. I deal with a lot of “emotional prisoners” that are looking for the keys to unlock the door to their pain and agony. Often times they simply can’t see that they are the ones that hold the key to their freedom and they really don’t have to look any further than themselves. Regardless of your circumstances, you are the only one who can use this key to free yourself from...

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Jun 2013

When You Ask For Advice, Do You Use It or Lose It?

Have you ever heard the saying, when the student is ready the teacher will appear? Well, it’s true. People will only listen to advice or should I say, people will only hear the advice when they are ready. They can listen, but not hear it. They can hear, but they do nothing with it. Knowing about something, or knowing what you should do and doing nothing is the same as not knowing. YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO So often people will ask for advice knowing they should make changes yet they continue to act the same way. They continue...

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