Dec 2015

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

                      I just wanted to take some time to reach out and wish you  a blessed Holiday with your family and friends. I hope the past year has brought you memories and gifts that will last a lifetime. There is always a silver lining and I hope yours shines through. I don’t know about you but it feels like this year flew by. This time of year so many of us start to think about changes we’d like to make in the new year. My wish is that the new year brings you...

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Nov 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

(First let me give a big shout out to all of you beautiful people who responded to my questions. I am working on a new project and all of the input is a great help! THANK YOU! I appreciate it!) Okay people, start your engines! It’s the morning and you are ready to get your day started. What is the first thing you do? If you’re like most people you don’t even think about it. Whatever you do is such a routine that you could do it in your sleep and probably some of you are actually sleep walking doing it....

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Jul 2015

What Do You Want?

What do you want? This is one of those questions that elicits some vague memory of past dreams that never came true. Typical answers range anywhere from; I want to win the lottery, be happy, find my life’s partner, have a house on the beach, quit my job, lose weight, all the way to – I don’t really know what I want anymore. And, that last response is closest to the truth than any of the other answers. Most people simply don’t know what they want. Even if they do know what they really, really want – 97% of them won’t...

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Jun 2015

Are You Free?

When talking about freedom we most commonly think about our inalienable rights; life, “liberty,” and the pursuit of happiness! Honorable men have died to protect their countries freedom, which in turn allows us to freely choose what we want to believe in and how we want to live our lives in all areas – spiritually, intellectually, financially and physically. But many times we may think we are free but the truth is we become slaves to our own bad habits and wrong thinking. Like Michelangelo’s slave on the left (more about that below) we are prisoners stuck in a place where we can’t get out....

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May 2015

I’m Back and I Missed YOU!!

   Hello to my dear friends! You may have noticed that it’s been quite a while since I last wrote to you and I just want you to know that… I’m back!  This past year has been challenging, exciting and a major learning experience on soooooo many levels. I will briefly share with you what I’ve been up to and where things are going from here. But first things first, if you no longer want to receive this blog you can unsubscribe below. This past year my partner and I have launched an e-commerce business which required a lot of research, time and education. With...

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Feb 2014

Do You Carry Other People’s Baggage?

Everyone comes to the table with some sort of baggage. And, depending on how you deal with life’s circumstances will determine how heavy or light the load will be. Your attitude and perspective will make all the difference as to whether you carry it around with you like a ball and chain or if you check it curb-side and not allow it to weigh you down. Now some people not only carry their own baggage but they also opt to become a personal valet to other people’s baggage by strapping it on and lugging it around with them. You and...

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