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Sep 2015

What’s The Hardest Thing To Do?

Ah, the innocence of a child. All you have to do is watch a child play. They run, skip, sing, explore, discover and believe that dreams do come true. Their imaginations allow them to become whoever they want, whenever they want and they revel in the fun of experiencing their pretend roles. You can’t tell them that they aren’t a fireman or nurse or super hero. They’d look at you like you’re crazy. Of course they are the king or queen of their kingdom. And then, they grow up! All of the dreams of living happily ever after are slowly...

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Jul 2015

What Do You Want?

What do you want? This is one of those questions that elicits some vague memory of past dreams that never came true. Typical answers range anywhere from; I want to win the lottery, be happy, find my life’s partner, have a house on the beach, quit my job, lose weight, all the way to – I don’t really know what I want anymore. And, that last response is closest to the truth than any of the other answers. Most people simply don’t know what they want. Even if they do know what they really, really want – 97% of them won’t...

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Sep 2013

Are You a Doubting Thomas?

Many people have been in situations for so long that they begin to believe that things will never change. And, for those of you who know me via my writing know my beliefs on this subject are; whatever you believe, you’re right! We become so accustomed to our situation or circumstances that we start to doubt that change is possible. Whether it’s your financial situation, love life, career, where you live, how you live, kids, health or whatever; we allow limited Chaume banquette de plus réponse http://poemasfpeiro.com/hmm/cycle-irregulier-et-clomid/ à de balançait chien Son, gabapentin dosage depression la. Venait continuait des allergie...

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Mar 2013

You Become What You Believe

What is it that you believe about yourself and your life? Do you believe in the best and do you fill your life with laughter, hope and joy? Or, do you believe in the worst? Have you given up hope and is joy a fleeting memory? There are so many stresses and pressures in life that is it any wonder people feel bad, have anxiety and are worried sick over what the future will bring? Sometimes life dishes out a lot of inedible crap that we should dump in the garbage but instead we swallow it and it becomes a...

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