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Sep 2015

Stop Saying That!

I could give you a thousand examples of what I hear people saying over and over again that gets them in trouble and keeps them stuck in the cycle of going nowhere fast. I bet if you took a day to listen to what people say about themselves or their life, you wouldn’t be so surprised to see how their life corresponds with their words. No matter what they are experiencing in life a lot of it has to do with what they keep saying to themselves. Whether you are happy or sad – Lonely or content – Fit or fat- Motivated or lazy – In debt...

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Apr 2013

Your Mind is Full of Thoughts – What Are They?

Everyone is thinking all the time whether they realize it or not. Most of our thoughts go unnoticed by us but make no mistake about it, they are constantly looping through your mind just like the background music in the doctor’s office. Most of the time they are the same old limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck where you are. Unless you’re already aware of the power of your thoughts and you’re planting positive seeds, your thoughts can hold you in a place of being fearful or having anxiety. They can also cause you not to live the...

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