What’s The Hardest Thing To Do?

piratesAh, the innocence of a child. All you have to do is watch a child play. They run, skip, sing, explore, discover and believe that dreams do come true. Their imaginations allow them to become whoever they want, whenever they want and they revel in the fun of experiencing their pretend roles.

You can’t tell them that they aren’t a fireman or nurse or super hero. They’d look at you like you’re crazy. Of course they are the king or queen of their kingdom. And then, they grow up!

All of the dreams of living happily ever after are slowly shattered one belief at a time. Life happens!

And with each broken dream along the way, little pieces of believing they-can-have-what-they-want are chipped away along with their hopes and dreams.

Unless, they choose to believe something else.

Of all of the grown up children I talk to (now adults) what I find the hardest thing for people to do is…..drum roll please….is to stop the old, worn out thinking believing they can NEVER have what they used to dream about. They just can’t seem to change the channel in their minds.

They tell themselves every horror story about their lives and believe they are true, i.e. I’ll never meet someone, I’m too washed up, it will never happen for me, I had my chance, they don’t like me, nobody likes me, I’ll never get out of debt, I’ll never live in the house I want and on and on and on.

What are the stories that you tell yourself?

What are the dark, negative words you say to explain what happened to you in life and how things will never work out the way you had hoped they would?

The reality is you can change how you feel about yourself and your life if you would change those thoughts and words that are making you live a miserable life.

Don’t just learn what to do, but actually do it.  Take the information and do something with it. Don’t just say, oh that sounds good, I’ll try it.

No, you can’t just try it – you have to live it. You have to make it apart of who you are. It has to be an ongoing daily routine and then it will be who you become!

When you think about it, the hardest thing isn’t really changing your thoughts; the hardest thing is NOT changing them and continuing to be unhappy.

Living the same old, miserable routine. Dwelling and focusing on why things are so bad.

As cliche as this sounds you have key to make or break your life….it’s your mind. Your mind is more powerful than you could ever imagine and it is just waiting for you to send the commands. Let the Genie out of the bottle and tell it what you want and how you are going to live from this day forward.

Stop dwelling on what is wrong and start focusing on what is right. Get your mind out of the gutter and raise it to the heavens.

I was going to title this blog, “Just Trust”. Because what most people do is put their trust in the negative. They fill their minds with fears and worries and a bunch of garbage that I call stinkin’ thinkin! They are 100% sure that things won’t work out or that things will go wrong. They trust that to be true!

But if instead you choose to think about: Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things”.images Then you will be putting your trust in God. Phillippians 4:8 (or whatever you deem God to be).

That my friend is the kind of thinking that will take you to a whole new place. Think of your blessings, think about how you want your life to be, instead of focusing on what is wrong. Make believe again. No matter what is going on in your life….Trust that you are being guided by a divine power that can take you places you only dreamed of before.

But you won’t see what you want when you only trust the negative to be true. Instead of seeing all of the bad things that are going to happen in your future, start to see the good things.

If you are visualizing how you won’t get out of debt or meet someone or whatever, why waste your time going down that road? Instead visualize the opposite. Whatever you think about you bring about! So, get straight on one thing; when bad things show up in your life it’s because you spend most of your time thinking about bad things!

You have to do your part. You can’t just pray, oh please, please make things different and Poof! It appears. You have to take your mind to a place that allows you to live it, just like being a kid again.

Change your thoughts. Believe again. Trust in the process and you will release the magic that lives inside you!!

Hope you have a great week! Sending you lots of love…Susan










Susan Russo


  1. Hi, Susan!! Thank you so much for everything you write, especially this post. I couldn’t have read it on a better day!! I have been struggling greatly the last few days, remembering that I would’ve celebrated 30 years of marriage. I have been divorced for 2 years. I did not want the divorce but was forced to divorce due to emotional and verbal abuse that I couldn’t tolerate any longer. My ex-husband would not go to counseling. I realize, today, I need to get back to my schedule, that I love, and I need to go on with the beautiful life that God has given me. Thank you so much for everything that you wrote!! Have a blessed day!!

  2. Gay Connolly Says: September 3, 2015 at 10:44 am

    Thanks for your wonderful advice.

  3. Hi Susan I just want say thank you for encouraging us. Reading this article lots of things came to my mind, this is true, Whatever you believe you can achieve it. Last days I have been thinking bad thoughts and I realised that when I was a child my dreams used to come true.
    Thanks to you I changed my mind and I feel way better now!

    Have a great day!


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